Eco-responsible commitments
and sustainable tourism
Luxotel Group

The environment,
our responsibility

Eco-responsibility is one of the most important issues facing our world today. The hotel industry is one of the sectors that have a significant environmental impact, particularly in terms of water consumption (bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool, laundry, cleaning and maintenance, green spaces), energy (lighting interiors and exteriors, kitchen) but also waste (of all types).

We have known for several years the importance of mobilizing for the preservation of the environment. The future of our planet and future generations depends on it.

Everyone is concerned, whether we are a citizen or a company, we must act together. This is why our hotel is involved in a sustainable tourism approach.

We are committed to balance our commitment to this policy without compromising the comfort, standards and enjoyment of our guests, and we would like to ask for your help in achieving our goals.

You have certainly noticed the signs in your room, bathroom and toilet concerning these small simple gestures to accompany us in this greener approach, we are counting on you to adopt them. Let’s preserve our beautiful blue planet.

Preservation of water resources

Let’s protect our water resources

✓ We will change your towels when needed: please leave in the bathtub or on the ground the ones to be changed.
✓ We limit the linen change (every 2 days) in order to reduce the impact of harmful products for the environment.
✓ Make sure taps are switched off when brushing teeth in order not to run water unnecessarily.
✓ Be careful about what you throw into the toilets, wastebaskets are available in all bathrooms

Energy production

Energy is our future, let’s save it!

In your room, have the right reflexes:
✓ Use heating and air conditioning sparingly,
✓ Please turn off lights when leaving your room.

Travel without polluting: ask the reception desk for all the information you need to get around and discover the city on foot, by bike, scooter, electric car, or by public transport.

Waste reduction and recycling

Let’s reduce our waste quickly: it’s overflowing!

We sort the waste. You can help us by depositing:
✓ Your empty packaging, bottles and newspapers in the basket under the desk,
✓ Your non-recyclable waste in the trash of the bathroom,
✓ Do not throw away your sanitary pads or baby diapers in the toilets,
✓ Your used batteries at the reception desk.

Let's protect the planet

The planet says thank you!

We thank you for your involvement in these daily actions. We want to develop more and more dedicated actions.

If you have any suggestions for implementation or ideas for partnerships to develop this aspect, do not hesitate to let us know.